Miley Cyrus Gets Naked For Paper Magazine With A Pig

Paper magazine is back at it showing us another celebrity lady’s lady bits in a weird and “artistic” photo shoot.  If you thought Kim Kardashian “breaking the internet” while squirting Champaign off her butt was fun times, well then the good folks at Paper have got a sweet pictorial for you. Part time pop star and full time exhibitionist Miley Cyrus posed topless in a series of “tasteful” pics all in the name of animal rights. Miley says she became a vegan last year and quit using animal products. I for one think we can all learn something from her example. Looking at naked nipples is not pornographic as long as there is a live animal involved.  What?

Damn it Paper Magazine!

Although if you ask me, someone better save that pig she is squeezing because he seems to be thinking; “WTF is going on? I thought I was being brought to slaughter so I could be turned into some bacon for a delicious Denny’s Grand Slam?! But this is just humiliating!”

No nipples?! Thanks Break! Now where am I going to find those?!

While Miley is pretty much constantly baring her lovely lady humps for us to see, in these new pictures I could be mistaken but I believe she is wearing a merkin. So there is that.  

‘Merican Merkin?


You can see more of the NSFW images here at Paper magazine… you guys just clicked on that right away anyway, right?

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