Want To Watch The First Episode Of ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Right Now?

The title to this article sounded like some sales pitch, when really I have been looking forward to watching this show for a while now. I dig the blended style of Scooby-Doo with Adult Swim’s ridiculous humor. Throw in some terrible Mike Tyson line readings and Norm MacDonald as a pigeon, I’m pretty much sold. But unfortunately some of us aren’t lucky enough to have Cartoon Network in order to watch the premiere episode which aired last night, so I was pretty stoked to see Adult Swim had uploaded it onto their site as well as youtube. Yes!

I won’t spoil much from the show beforehand, but I will say that I’m pretty interested to see where this thing heads. It’s short, quick and strays from the spastic style that we’ve seen in their other animated shows with an actual storyline someone over the age of 15 could follow. Not to mention the plot uses author Cormac MacCarthy (obviously not voiced by MacCarthy) asking Tyson for help in finishing his book, which is already a weird enough plot. But the weirdness doesn’t end there. Add a chupacabra and a song about “ain’t got time for bird sex”, I think I have my new favorite cartoon.

Check out the premiere episode here:

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Not entirely sure if each episode will be placed online, but this is definitely enough to keep me watching. At least to find out what other words Tyson can’t enunciate, like “Chupacabra”. Or “Pulitzer.” Or “humor.”

Check out Mike Tyson’s Mysteries when it airs on the Cartoon Network Mondays at 10:30PM/Pacific.

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