Mike Tyson Helped An Injured Motorcyclist And Recived A Fruit Basket In Return

You’ve just been hit. Hard. You’re laying face down in a pool of your own blood. You’re in shock. The man standing over you is Mike Tyson.

That’s not such a strange occurrence until you learn that Mike Tyson was an innocent bystander in this story.

Motorcyclist Ryan Chesley met the former heavyweight champ under bizarre circumstances last week when he crashed on a Las Vegas interstate. After being cut off by a taxi, Chesley ate pavement. When he looked up, he saw Mike Tyson on the scene yelling at people not to touch him to avoid causing further injury. Tyson then soothed him by saying softly that help was on the way.

‘He thought he was hallucinating,’ said Chesley’s lawyer. ‘He thought he was in some other world.’ Despite injuries that included a paralyzed big toe(!), he was able to pull out his phone and take a photo of Tyson. Proof that it wasn’t all just a beautiful dream.

When help arrived, Mike Tyson disappeared like a magical specter.

Chesley wanted to thank the champ, so he sent along a fruit basket and this note:

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It’s reported by Tyson’s attorney that he really liked the pistachios. (Source)