Microsoft Unveils HoloLens “Hologram” Goggles

If you are like me you have been waiting for Minority Report style computer interface so you can swoosh around data and images just like Tom Cruise. Well it seems that the future is finally here as today Microsoft released details on its new Windows 10 operating system along with a new, formerly top secret device; The Microsoft HoloLense:

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The Microsoft HoloLense, which sounds like something from bad 1960’s science fiction is actually pretty incredible if everything they claim it does is true- and actually works.  

1. The Goggles Are A Self Contained Computer

One of the biggest drawbacks to some virtual reality devices is that they need to be tethered to a computer to operate. With the HoloLens, the entire computer is in the goggles; it’s CPU is built in running Widows 10. It even has something called a Holographic Processor, which sounds totally made up. It connects wirelessly to the Internet and can be used even without a connection.

2. Images Displayed Appear As 3D Hologram-Like Objects In Front Of Users

While technically the objects wearers of the HoloLens see in front of them are not actually holograms, since there are no lasers or refracted light involved, it still gives the illusion of 3D images projected into the real world.

3. Users Can Interact With 3D Objects And Build Them

Like Google Glass, but way cooler since you can interact with fully visualized 3D objects with the wave of your hands.

HoloLense also comes with a program called Build 3D In 3D that allows designers to use the application to manipulate objects like they would behave in the real world. This would allow you to “build” an object in 3D and then print it via a 3D printer. The Microsoft demonstrated a quad copter built in this fashion.

4.  The HoloLens  Can Create A Star Trek HoloDeck Like Experience

Where virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift fully immerse you in a virtual world, the HoloLense will lay computer graphics over your real environment. So imagine half of your living room becoming the surface of Mars, but in the other half you can still see your dirty couch. Microsoft even demonstrated this with real images from NASA’s Mars rover “taking over” half of a room. 

5. Marty McFly Jr. Wore “The HoloLense” In Back To The Future II’s 2015

The best feature of the HoloLens is that Marty McFly predicted we would have these by 2015 and they are here!

While this looks pretty awesome, it may or may not be the next big thing. What would you use the HoloLense for?

Source: Gizmodo

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