Microsoft Is Finally Giving Us A Middle Finger Emoji

Tech heads have been giving Microsoft the middle finger for years and finally, Microsoft is literally giving the middle finger back to them and this is actually a good thing. Don’t worry. The figurative middle finger that Microsoft gives to its customers through its products are still there. We’re talking about a middle finger emoji icon.

People using Windows 10 will be able to give each other the finger online without having to catch the right time in between interruptions on Skype and send a JPEG of their scanned hand as a last resort. The new emoji will be delivered to Windows 10 through a patch upgrade that will provide several new icons to computers including the proverbial “flipped bird.” A future update will come with different skin tones of the offensive hand gesture because telling a complete stranger to sit on it and rotate for not giving you half-a-second to play a game after you respawn should be a multiethnic, universal greeting.

The icon will also be available on Windows mobile devices. Unfortunately, iPhone users won’t be able to see them in text messages or social media posts because iOS doesn’t have a middle finger icon in its emoji vocabulary. Of course, Siri still knows what it means since she can still see her human users giving her the actual finger because she can’t understand that “Whataburger” isn’t three words. It’s one, dammit! There’s no excuse for that! How long have you lived in Texas, Siri?!? How long?!?

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source: Huff Po