Grading This Michigan State University Professor’s Sexting Performance

Recently, a professor at Michigan State University was caught sexting when something went wrong with his PowerPoint presentation and his computer displayed this private conversations instead. Making matters more embarrassing is the fact students report the woman who he was sexting with is also an MSU faculty member.

While embarrassing, the professor deserves to be fairly graded on his performance. 

The sexting began with this exchange:

The MSU professor comes out aggressively and it appears as if the tactic pays off. He played it risky but she seemed to dig it. Well done, prof. 

From here, he went with this:

He went back to referencing the “tent pole” in his pants and, once again, he was met with approval.

Can he keep up the successful sexting?


The professor was apparently inspired by her use of emojis. He tried to use emojis of his own to call her a bombshell and indicate that she’s hot – and he came off looking like a desperate try-hard.


Final Grade: C-




Source: TFM