This Michigan State Fan Will Show Her Boobies for Final Four Tickets

The Final Four is underway and there are fans out there who are willing to do just about anything to see the game in person. It’s scary what some of them are willing to do. They will humiliate themselves in ways that only require therapy to fix just to catch a glimpse of the game. Take, for instance, a Michigan fan who promised something big for a pair of tickets to the game. Well, two big promises to be exact. 

The lowest price for a pair of tickets to the Final Four is around $335 dollars, so not sure if this is deal is worth it; you can see a whole lot more at a strip club for that kind of coin.

An unidentified female fan posted an ad on Craigslist for a special offer seeking tickets for the Final Four. She promised that whoever gave her tickets for the game would also get to see her spectacular boobies. To sweeten the deal, she also promised she would give the special person a kiss and posted a tasteful photo of her chest as sort of a preview of coming attractions to the lucky looker. 

She insisted that she would only accept “SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY!!!” or as serious as an offer can be that involves flashing yourself for free tickets to a basketball game. It’s hard to tell what’s sadder: the fact that she’s willing to use her body to get tickets to a sporting event or that she’s a Michigan fan. 

Source: Total Pro Sports