You Could Now Get 15 Years In Prison For Giving Oral Or Anal Sex In Michigan

As if Michigan wasn’t already the worst destination in America for people to visit, the state passed a law that would put you in jail if you partake in oral or anal sex with a partner. Oh not, for just a few days either. We’re talking fifteen years in prison.

The weirder part is the law that passed was more of an update to an older sodomy law that Michigan had in the past. Thanks to Michigan Senator Rick Jones, the law which is to actually help animals from being repeatedly abused in their state will see to it that anyone who breaks this law will spend the rest of their lives with a felony on their record. Unfortunately for anyone who lives in Michigan, Jones decided to keep the words “with mankind” included in the law which was passed yesterday.

Why exactly did Jones want to keep “with mankind” in what they’re calling the Sodomy Law? Because removing mankind and leaving it only to regard an animal’s well being “would jeopardize the whole bill”.


In 2003, even the Supreme Court thought laws such as this regarding “sodomy” between two consenting adults were just too insane to allow but Jones decided that manipulating the language of the law to only be directed towards animals wasn’t worth the risk.

So note to self, if you were planning on visiting any flames in Michigan, make sure you road trip to another state. Because if you “put one in the stink, you’ll get fifteen in the clink.” -Break Editor Phil Haney