Michael Phelps Arrested On DUI Charges

Michael Phelps (no relation to Fred), the 18-time Olympic gold-medal swimming champ was arrested Monday night in Maryland, while driving 84 mph in a 45 zone. He tested twice the legal limit for blood alcohol content. It sounds like the only gold Michael has been chasing lately is Goldschlager!

Get it? Goldschalger, because he’s a gold medalist?

Normally when Phelps is racing as fast as he can, it’s in the pool against the likes of Ryan Lochte, and he doesn’t get pulled over by the fuzz. So it must have been weird for someone to make him slow down.

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Michael Phelps, 2014

But like everything Phelps does, he has to do it multiple times, and better than the rest of us. When the Olympian was 19-years old, he was arrested for a DUI and had to apologize to his fans, and to the children. Always remember the children.

“Last week, I made a mistake. Getting in a car with anything to drink is wrong, dangerous and unacceptable,” he said at the time. “I’m 19, but was taught no matter how old you are, you should always take responsibility for your actions, which I will do. I’m extremely sorry for this.”

Well now he’s 29, and has more of a reputation as a party guy.Here’s a picture of a college party in 2009 where he was caught smoking the marijuana from a pipe.

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This one cost him his Kellogg’s sponsorship, which is ironic, as most stoners love eating cereal straight from the box.

While I agree that drinking and driving is “dangerous and unacceptable,” in a way, I still kind of feel bad for him since he came of age in the limelight. He was just drinking and smoking doobies like the rest of us slobs. It’s not like he set out to be anyone’s hero or anything.

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Michael Phelps, American National Hero

However, you would think that he’d be able to hold his liquor. When training, Phelps eats over 10,000 calories of food a day, enough for a small army. You’d think that would sop up some of the alcohol.

On the bright side, he might have lots of time to train now, as it’s tough to say how sponsors and the Olympic Committee will react this time. It could impact his rumored return for gold in 2016. Although if they take a hint from NFL, they could look the other way at this latest indiscretion in order to get a star athlete back on the podium.

Does this latest arrest change your opinion of Michael Phelps? How about this photo?

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