Employee Had His Testicle Removed Because Boss Got Drunk And Yanked On It

At first what sounded like a fun “team building” trip which consisted of a cruise on the Hudson River, it seemed life working under Richard Langtry couldn’t get any better. But for one employee, the camraderie turned into a drunken nightmare for the worker of a data-security company. Michael Peacock says that Langtry became increasingly drunk, loud and aggressive when the fun took a turn for the worse while Peacock waited for a restroom. The two men passed each other when Langtry reached for Peacock’s mini-peacock. According to the court documents, Langtry clearly went beyond just horse play and into something way more sinister.

“[Langtry] Grabbed [Peacock’s] left testicle, squeezed it hard and pulled it down as if to rip it from his groin”

Again, pulled it down…as if to rip it from his groin. I’d hate to see what this guy considers work probation on a sober day.

Ball puller Langtry on the left, Peacock on the right.

Even though Peacock is 6′ 8″, he doubled over in pain and had to undergo three surgeries in the weeks after the “fun” trip, eventually having his testicle removed. It’s a shame he didn’t deck Langtry for even getting anywhere near his junk but now Langtry is feeling his share of the pain he caused by not only getting fired, but being sued by Peacock as well. Peacock is also suing the company Iron Mountain that employeed Langtry and the three venues that served alcohol to Langtry.

I hope the judge awards Peacock a Cadillac full of money as well as the opportunity to squeeze and pull on BOTH of Langtry’s testies because clearly remorse doesn’t seem to be in Langtry’s vocabulary. Maybe he needs a bigger lesson to learn here.