Should This Guy Really Have Been Arrested For Giving A Kid A Wet Willy?

Rule number 1, don’t touch a strangers kids. I don’t care if it’s a pat on the back for making good grades, you just don’t touch’em because we live in a different world now and you don’t know what a parent might do the moment they see you lay a hand on their child.

Michael Migani in Conneticut learned this fact the hard way by doing one of the oldest jokes in the book; performing a wet willy. Unfortunately, instead of everyone having a big sitcom style laugh over it, the act got the guy arrested with a court hearing on August 19th after a $500 bond was met. That’s a pretty bad month just for giving a wet willy.

After the mother had seen Migani give her son the wet willy, she reported him to the front desk of the business center where all three were waiting in. Once Migani could see everyone starting to become up in arms over what he had just done, he got the hell out of there. Police later pulled him over and arrested him for the wet willy.

Sure, giving a wet willy is about as innocent as putting a whoopee cushion under someone’s butt, but the parent of the kid didn’t find the gag so funny. Frankly, the mother didn’t know if the guy had an STD or what the hell might be floating in his saliva which was shoved into her son’s ear. If ear herpes is a thing, this mom didn’t want to find out. So I guess we really can’t blame her for causing such a stink.