Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch On Sale For $100 Million

One smooth criminal with $100 million dollars may soon be the proud owner of the late King of Pop’s Neverland Ranch. Michael Jackson bought the 2,700 acre California estate in 1987 and lived there for over fifteen years. The property no longer contains the infamous amusement park rides or exotic animals, but you can still moon walk on over to a train station. Jamone! He-hee!

Jackson originally paid $19.5 million for Neverland, named after the fictional land of Peter Pan, which is not creepy at all, why would you think that. The ranch has 22 structures on it including the 12 thousand square foot main mansion with six bedrooms, staff quarters, a four bedroom guesthouse and a separate two bedroom guest house. Before his death in 2009 Jackson had gotten into some financial trouble, being $24 million dollars in debt and was almost forced to auction the ranch. –Weird, why would Michael Jackson be in debt, Thriller sold 100 million copies alone.. Michael should have gone on his personal Merry-go-round   and thought about that one a bit more.

Hey, What’s the worst part about owning Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch? Getting all the red stains… out of the carpet. What? Michael loved ketchup.

Here are some of the weird and wild things that Neverland had in its heyday, which Jackson used to entertain the children who would come and visit him. There is still one Llama left on the property and he comes with the house! Maybe someone will restore to all its glory what the sellers of the property are now calling “Sycamore Valley Ranch.” –Weird, why would they not want to remind everyone this was MJ’s Neverland Ranch?

Personal Amusement Park

Exotic Animal Zoo

Train Station

An Actual Fire Department: The Neverland Valley Fire Department

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A Clock Tower With A Flower Clock

Two Lakes

50 Seat Movie Theater with a stage with trap doors for magic shows.

A Large Swimming Pool With A Cabana

Barbecue Area

Tennis Courts

This Thing

In case you are looking for a new place to crash and want to swing by for a quick tour, the real-estate firm selling the property is doing and extensive background check on potential buyers before showing it to just any nutter who has been listening to Bad on repeat since 1988.  

If you could would you buy Neverland Ranch?

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Source:  Rolling Stone