LEAKED: Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles Script (With Notes)!

The trailer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was just released and some of our expectations had been put at ease, but just today Michael Bay’s personal copy of the script had been released, and with what seems to be his own script notes.  According to the watermark, this looks to be a pretty legitimate scoop. 

Overall, it’s an interesting take on one of our favorite childhood franchises with that familiar Michael Bay touch.

Here are the pages:

It’s a little different, but not too bad so far.

[[contentId: 2592470| | style: height:765px; width:570px]]

Reading the humor seems a little lost on me, but maybe it’ll work better as a visual.

[[contentId: 2592471| | style: height:784px; width:568px]]

Here’s what we learned: The Ninja Turtles love cake more than any other food, Raphael hates his weapons and Michael Bay has apparently never read “End” in a script before. 

Personally, I’m excited about this new version of the Ninja Turtles.  What do you guys think?

Created by @Todd_Spence