A Conversation With A Man Who Enhanced His Penis To 7 Pounds And 9 Inches

This guy’s story puts Dirk Diggler to shame. Not that you can tell really from this angle, but the above man who went by Micha for his interview with Vice Germany (Vice has a wing in Germany? Fair enough) has a 7 pound, 9 inch penis hidden below that denim. Not that he was born this way, no sir. He gained this manhood by choice, having his penis surgically enhanced to look something like the Hulk’s calf.

Micha is a big fan of breaking free from his normal shy attitude, which is what led him to try and figure out a way to break free from the body he was born with. At an early age, he was given a vacuum pump as a gift and his self discovery started from there. That’s when the injections of saline solution began as he experimented with sizes that the vacuum couldn’t provide. The only problem is saline solution can last only a few days, so Micha had to up his game with silicon injections in order to maintain the enormous size he was looking for.

Probably the most frightening part of Micha’s story is that he didn’t have the silicon injections done in a hospital. He had a friend with “medical training” do the work for him. Personally, If any needle is coming anywhere near me, I’m going to need a team of doctors standing by. Not just some friend with an ice pack.

Now the really rough part of Micha’s lifestyle is in terms of sex. Let’s go there for a second, shall we? Micha is a homosexual and in order to have sex, he has to give his partner enough preparation time in order to receive what Micha has down below. Of course, not a lot of people would be into such a thing (fisting being the closest, most common example). Another far more strange option Micha describes is how sexual partners would like to enter HIS manhood because it is so large. Let that sink in for a moment.

Micha’s biggest fear however is being reduced to his gigantic penis and penis alone, with a partner only with him because of the oddity that Micha carries. I suppose that’s the chance you take when asking for a 7 pound, 9 inch penis bulging from your Levi’s.

It’s really a interesting interview, which you can watch HERE. Excellent work from Vice Germany. Oh and if you’re super curious, yes, they do give you a look at what his mammoth looks like at the end credits without warning.

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source: Vice