College Guilty Of Hiring Strippers To Pose As Admission Workers

As if Florida didn’t have enough going on, a college in Florida hired a bunch of local strippers to pose as admission workers. They were instructed to wear revealing clothes during recruitment days as another aggressive technique in recruiting students, something Miami, Florida’s FastTrain college knows all too well. In the past, the college would non-stop call potential students, give empty promises like free education and even offer a $500 bonus to successful referrals. And after a student was accepted, the college would sometimes create fake high school diplomas to help the students receive Financial Aid.

Is this a college or a rad 80’s comedy? Rodney Dangerfield would’ve been perfect as the dean.

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Nothing like taking a class while watching someone sell a truck from the window.

Apparently the college had borrowed over $35 million since 2009, but closed in 2012 after an FBI raid. You know a college is badass when the FBI has to raid the place. Students who were swindled can get their loans discharged under the “closed school” provision, but only if they were attending during the school’s closing. Everyone before is unfortunately out of luck. Welcome to the club, graduates!

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source: Miami Herald