Poisonous Spiders Are Popping Up In Bags Of Grapes

If you have a fear of spiders or grapes, you should probably just stop reading right now.

New Zealand has a strange produce problems on its hands. Some bags of grapes imported from Mexico also a surprise inside: poisonous spiders. According to stuff.co.nz, New Zealanders have found a total of 10 deadly spiders in their grapes since last Friday including five black widows, one brown widow, two yellow sac spiders and two unidentified spiders.

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has issued an official recall but some supermarkets have already started pulling grapes imported from Mexico out of their inventory just to be safe. An MPI official urged people who recently bought of bag of grapes to be extra vigilant while enjoying a snack. If it were me, I’d just stomp on the thing with both feet just to make sure the poisonous little bastards are dead before I even stick my hand in the bag.

Even if deadly spiders are always seen hanging around vineyards, it still seem so weird and random to reach into a bag of grapes and find one of nature’s deadliest creatures lunge for your hand. It’s like reaching into a box of breakfast cereal and realizing that a python is coiled up in your Corn Flakes. If you think that’s creepy, you’ll start shivering when you realized that actually happened in Australia. Sleep tight.