Meth Lab Found Inside A Taco Bell

Do you ever wonder who eats at Taco Bell? Their food looks like a multibillion dollar dare to see exactly what humans will pay to eat. Maybe the rise of meth might have something to do with it. At least that’s a more plausible explanation since police recently found the remnants of a meth lab in a Taco Bell restaurant. 

The meth lab wasn’t the only thing potentially exploding in the Taco Bell.

Police in Cedar Rapids, Iowa said an employee who worked at a local Taco Bell franchise and another unidentified man allegedly ran a meth lab out of the fast food place. Police noticed both men standing in the parking lot of the “restaurant” (I’m not using quotes because I’m directly quoting the story, so figure out why for yourself) after receiving a call about some suspicious persons in the Taco Bell parking lot around 4:45 a.m. on Tuesday. They approached both men and one identified himself as a Taco Bell employee. They also noticed a peculiar smell wafting from the Taco Bell but when they were informed that was just coming from the food they sold, the police officers put aside their suspicions. 

OK, maybe a little meth in the tacos wouldn’t be so bad.

The officers decided to search the Taco Bell anyway. When they entered the store with the manager’s permission, police found “materials identified as equipment for the production of methamphetamine.” Both men that were loitering in the parking lot were taken into custody in order to conduct subsequent interviews and additional officers entered the scene while wearing HAZMAT suits to prevent any skin on skin contact with the taco meat. 

I know I’ve been picking on Taco Bell a lot but to be fair, it’s not the only fast food franchise with an illegal meth connection. A man in California sued the beloved In-N-Out Burger franchise  after he found two meth pills in his milkshake. Doctors said he didn’t suffer any long term effects from drinking the meth tainted milkshake but he’s lucky to be alive because if he was eating a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, he’d surely be dead by now. Doctors also said it probably wouldn’t be much healthier if he had also taken the meth pills as well. 

I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. 

Source: UPI