Meth Lab Found In Walmart Bathroom

Police in Muncie, Indiana discovered some running a meth lab in the restroom of a local Walmart. I smell another “Breaking Bad” spinoff. At least I hope that’s what I smell coming from that bathroom. 

They could call the show… Breaking Wind. – Yeah just, no.

Indiana State Police discovered the meth lab after an employee alerted them to a suspicious looking character in the store. They said they saw the man enter the men’s room with a backpack but he didn’t have it on him when he left. Police found the backpack and discovered a mobile meth lab including chemicals and the equipment needed to cook the meth such as some two-liter soft drink bottles. That’s gross. Who want to smoke meth made inside of a bathroom? Don’t drug dealers have any health and safety standards? 

A meth suppression team decontaminated the restroom and removed the hazardous chemicals from the store. Police are looking for the man who left the travel sized meth lab in the bathroom and so far, they haven’t made any arrests. Apparently, these mobile meth labs are a common occurrence.

A police spokesperson told the local newspaper that the discovery of these smaller meth labs have become “almost routine” for their narcotics department. The chefs who use them often leave the materials behind while they are cooking so they can retrieve them later. This way, they won’t contaminate or cause a fire or serious explosion in their own homes. After all, drug dealers have fire insurance premiums and hygiene standards they have to meet just like the rest of us. 

Source: The Star Press