Metal Monday: 7 Metal Covers Of Eagles Songs

For today in Metal Monday I am going to be taking a look at different metal covers of the Eagles greatest hits. As you probably know by now founding member, guitarist, vocalist Glenn Frey passed away last week at the age of 67. Frey co-wrote and performed on some of the biggest hit rock songs of the 1970’s including Desperado, Lyin’ Eyes and Life In The Fast Lane.


I always found it fascinating that the Eagles came out with one of the bestselling albums of all time, “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975).” The compilation sold over 42 million copies and was certified 29 times platinum – second only behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller. However since arguably their biggest hit “Hotel California” did not come out until 1976, this song does not appear on that album.


This looks like a metal album if you ask me.

Although the band denies it, many fans have theorized that “Hotel California” is about going to hell / Satanism – and Satan is actually the caretaker of the joint. It is easy to see why with lyrics like “They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill THE BEAST.” –And also that whole thing about being able to check out of the hotel whenever you want, but never being able to LEAVE. Some have even pointed out that the back cover of the Hotel California album features Satan hiding above the band at a party in the courtyard of the hotel…. If they say so:


Cool that Satan made himself available for this album cover photo shoot.

That all sounds pretty metal and fittingly enough “Hotel California” is the Eagles song that has been covered in multiple subgenres.  So let us raise a glass of wine to Glenn Frey and blast some metal versions of his best work.

1. “Hotel California” Death Metal version as Performed by Baptized Under Fire

2. “Hotel California” Black Metal version as Performed by Adrenal

3. “Hotel California” Speed Metal version as Performed by Karl and Kris Anderson

4. “Hotel California” As Performed by Krossbreed

5. “Witchy Woman” as Performed by Babes in Toyland

6. “Hotel California” as Performed by Mike Groisman

7. “Hotel California” as Performed By Marilyn Manson

Note: this was recorded at a private concert.

Which Eagles songs would you like to hear turned into metal?

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