10 Metal Album Covers Like The Satanic Monument at The Oklahoma Statehouse!

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on May. 01, 2014

Come children and sit in Satan's lap and tell him what you want for... your birthday?

As we reported in December, the Satanic Temple, successfully mounted a campaign to raise 30 thousand dollars in order to create a monument honoring what a great guy Satan is. In what may be a trolling of Biblical proportions, these heathens out of New York have concocted an unholy partner to be displayed alongside The Ten Commandments installed at the Oklahoma Statehouse in 2012.  The commandments were placed there in an effort to remind state representatives not to murder, cheat on their wives and yell “Jesus!” when they stub their toe.  

Is coveting still on the list? Damn it.

Now, the pits of hell have opened up, fire and brimstone rained own from the heavens and an artist named Dale was hired to sculpt a Baphomet – a satanic idol, sitting beneath a pentagram with two children looking up at him who seem to think he has candy.  This is inappropriate. Someone should tell Satan to get away from those children; in Oklahoma they probably haven’t been vaccinated.

Chris Hanson needs to make Satan “go have a seat over there.”

The Satanists plan to deliver the statue to the Statehouse, which will be bronzed when it’s finished, in a few months. The rebellious band of devil worshipers plan to do so even if Oklahoma rejects their application for a public statue permit like Lucifer being rejected from the gates of Heaven. For some people, any knowledge of the bible comes exclusively from the lyrics of heavy metal songs. In fact the sculpture that the Satanists want to erect in Oklahoma would be right at home on the cover of any metal album. That’s why I’m celebrating the unveiling of these Satanist sculpture photos with ten metal album covers that also honor Baphomet.  I’m not going to celebrate too much, just in case this angers the Dark Lord.

Please enjoy this musical pairing to listen to while you view the album cover artwork below.

Impiety: Tormentors of Kota Bharu

These are hipster demons. They still use pitchforks.

Behemoth: Here and Beyond

DIO: Holy Diver

Why didn't the demon take his glasses off first?

Bleeding in the Shades of Baphomet

Are those boobs on Satan?

Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli

Ok, those are definitely boobs.

Shamash: Flame of Baphomet

OK, now they are just copying each other.

Northwinds: Sleep With Evil

Sleep with evil? Hey. Hey... was this album named after my ex-wife? I get no respect.

Job For a Cowboy: Ruination

He should really get some ointment for that.

Impiety - Ravage & Conquer

Well this is just offensive; that's not how to safely hold a firearm. 

Death: Scream Bloody Gore

"So I says to him.. kill her! I barely knew her!" *

*OK, it's not the Satan guy, but this cover cracks me up.

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