Break’s Exclusive Interview with Mercedes Carrera

Porn star Mercedes
Carrera might be one of the most interesting women in the adult
industry. A former aerospace engineer, an active philanthropist and
an outspoken patriot, Mercedes is much more than a hot body and a
pretty face. Recently, Break had the opportunity to conduct an
exclusive interview and learn more about this smart, sexy vixen.

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Break: Let’s
start by talking about pronouns. You list your preferred pronouns on
Twitter as “We/Your Majesty” and because we here at Break
take pronoun usage very seriously, we wanted to make sure to address
your correctly. So, Your Majesty, what do you think about Canada’s
Gender-Neutral Pronoun Bill, and Oxford University’s push to
eliminate gendered pronouns?

Mercedes Carrera:
My personal pronouns are a choice based upon the non-binary nature of
being royalty in my own mind. I figure, if people can choose their
gender and their ethnicity now, I choose to be a Queen. In fact, I’ve
had the feeling that I am actually royalty from youth, and while it
was a big step for me to come out as a Queen, it was the only
stunning and brave choice that was appropriate.

As for Canada’s
Gender-Neutral pronoun bill, I think it doesn’t go far enough.
In fact, I think we need personal pronouns for those that are
trans-fuzzies or perhaps those who identify as unicorn-kin. I’ve
also heard that bigfoot-kin are an underrepresented minority, and
that needs to change.

In all seriousness
though, the negation of reality that we are seeing by way of these
ridiculous legislation pushes will undermine thinking itself. The
academic system is now in opposition to the real world, and thinks
that by creating legislation they can change nature itself. Gendered
pronouns are not only necessary to describe people and animals,
they’re also the norm in many languages that use gendered
nouns. So I’m not quite sure how students in the English
language are going to be able to relate to other languages if the
push for gender neutrality becomes standard, as other languages
depend upon gendered nouns. It will ironically make it harder for
academics, who are generally fans of globalization, to relate to
languages in the rest of the world.

B: Your
Majesty – do we have to call you that for the entire interview?
– your biography says that before becoming a porn star you
worked as a model and as an engineer. That’s an unusual
backstory! Can you tell us a bit about your past, working as an
engineer, and what motivated you to join the adult entertainment

MC: We are
quite pleased with your appropriate use of my preferred personal
pronouns 🙂

Yes, I was a
commercial print model for a time as a teenager, then after college
worked in engineering (aerospace for some years, then
telecommunications after that). I then found myself working in audio
visual production, and from there kind of “fell into”
working in the adult industry. I knew some people who were doing
production work in the field, and they encouraged me to try
performing. It is so much fun, I just kept doing it and it became a
career, inadvertently.

B: You’ve
started The Porn Charity, which has raised over $10,000 to help fund
STEM scholarships in the US and Canada. What made you choose to
support STEM education as compared to other charities? Where can our
audience contribute?

MC: I chose
to focus The Porn Charity scholarship fund on STEM education because
the cost of college has become unreasonable and I know how hard it is
to work, go to school and try to make ends meet. Porn is such a
simple way of fundraising, it seemed like a great way to take
something people generally think of as not being so “academic”
and showing that we can do some good for others as well. I’m
particularly interested in supporting STEM students because of my own
background, and I know if something like this had been made available
to me as a student it would have been very helpful. Right now we are
still awaiting some finalization of our 501c3 paperwork, so we are
not collecting donations at this time but will be advertising future
events once that is complete.

B: If another
beautiful young engineer were thinking about entering the adult
industry, what would you tell them?

MC: The adult
industry definitely isn’t for everyone! It’s a very
different environment than engineering. You have to really enjoy
people, love sex, enjoy an unpredictable environment, and be willing
to promote yourself. Those aren’t qualities that everyone has,
but I love working in the industry. One great way to see if the
industry is correct for you is make friends who are performers, and
go to a set or work production work. It’s a very hard career to
describe to those who haven’t been around it in a very tangible

B: Ever since
GamerGate in 2014, you’ve been very outspoken politically. Tell
us a bit about your political views and why you’ve chosen to go
public with them. Have you suffered any backlash for it?

MC: Part of
why I got involved in the GamerGate controversy was my frustration
with the fallacy being thrown around that “misogyny” is a
normal part of gaming, or the tech industry. To be frank, I worked in
engineering and tech for years, and never experienced “misogyny,”
and it certainly isn’t generally the reason women might fail in
the tech world. Additionally, I saw how GamerGate was the tip of the
iceberg of a much larger agenda to suppress free speech online. I’m
very concerned to see this as an ongoing trend, and I feel that
anyone who has the great fortune of a public persona should be
responsible in how they use their platform.

2016 has been a very
political year due to the election, and as a result there’s
been a lot of political chatter generally. I’ve always been a
socially liberal libertarian, but as the “social justice”
crowd has taken over the socially liberal portion of the political
spectrum, I’ve found more commonality with conservatives than
liberals recently. I’ve always been a big fan of guns, the
second amendment, and a general supporter of the constitution. As a
result I’ve been called a “patriot,” since I don’t
think than an overarching bureaucratic nanny state is conducive to
liberty. Fortunately for me, most of my followers are in this kind of
ideological camp, so I’ve not gotten any backlash per se from
my fanbase. The porn industry in general has always aligned
themselves with the “democrats” because they are presumed
to be more socially liberal, but given many of the recent trends
coming from leading democrats (i.e. Hillary Clinton wanting websites
she doesn’t like censored) I think it’s more important to
support the ideology of liberty than any of the political factions.

B: Are you a
gamer? Do you think there’s a “problem with misogyny”
in the videogame community?

MC: I play
video games, although not quite as much these days as I used to. I
never experienced “misogyny” in the video game community
at all- there are plenty of girls and women who are gamers. Further,
when you’re anonymous online, people don’t know who they
are talking to unless you want them to so your gender doesn’t
really matter anyway.

B: The adult
industry has always been at the forefront of 1st Amendment issues.
Where do you see the major threat to the First Amendment today, from
Left or Right?

MC: The adult
industry has historically been a defender of free speech, even that
which pushes boundaries or is considered to be offensive. An
interesting ideological shift has happened recently, in that while
traditionally it was “conservatives” (typically the
religious right) attempting to attack the porn industry, these days
it seems that the “liberals” have become fans of
censorship at an increasing rate. We just saw Hillary Clinton have a
public conniption over a cartoon frog popularized on the chan boards,
and these days liberals are calling every news site they don’t
agree with or endorse “fake news.” We also seeing a push
from the liberals and social justice types to censor anything they
find to be offensive or that they disagree with. The right, on the
other hand, right now is being led by a president elect who is known
for his lack of self censorship. Given that the democratic party was
originally the party of racism and slavery, I don’t find it
surprising that they’ve returned to their roots, although this
time they use public and social policy to get minorities voting to
keep themselves in poverty, and they also use generalized racism and
sexism (this time often directed at white men) as a form of silencing
opposition. Everything old is new again.

B: Do you
think Donald Trump will succeed in making America great again? What’s
the most important thing he needs to do?

MC: My
perception of the rise of Donald Trump is that he is addressing a
core issue affecting most of America- the economy. Since the 90s,
“free trade” has gutted much of the manufacturing base in
our country, and globalization has led to an unsustainable influx of
economic migrants. Americans are watching their standard of living
generally decline, especially given how many remember the “good
old days” of fat, dumb, happy prosperity. Unfortunately I don’t
think it will be a simple fix, as the boomer demographic didn’t
invest in American infrastructure or manufacturing, both of which are
necessary to create a strong economy and country. Another core issue
is that the US military has been forced into adhering to policies
that have weakened our ability to be effective militarily in the
world. I’m very glad to see ret. Marine General “Mad Dog”
Mattis appointed to Secretary of Defense, as he is one of the most
prolific thinkers and leaders of our time. His appointment, to me,
spoke to that America made the right decision in electing
President-elect Trump. I haven’t agreed with everything
President-elect Trump has done or said, but he was a far superior
choice to Hillary Clinton, who was the most inept, corrupt Secretary
of State this country has ever had to endure.

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B: Do you
know if other current or former members of the adult industry are
supporting Trump?

MC: Quite a
few people in the adult industry supported Trump, notably Jenna
Jameson. Several articles were written online with lists of other
porn performers who supported Trump as well.

B: A few
prominent ex-porn stars have successfully gone into politics –
Ilona Staller being the most famous. Have you ever considered
running for office? What would your platform be? What issues are
important to you?

MC: Even I’m
not a big enough whore to be a politician.

B: We’ve
heard you like to travel! What are some of the more exotic places
you’ve been? What’s on your bucket list?

MC: I love to
travel! I’ve been many place in Europe as well as the Caribbean
and Latin America. These days many of my destinations of choice
include domestic travel, and my hope is to go to Alaska sometime in
2017. I’d like to take a road trip through the USA and see some
of the various natural landmarks I haven’t gotten to yet.

B: Your
biography on
says you’re a strong supporter of the 2nd
Amendment. What’s your firearm of choice? What are the chances
we will ever see you in an action movie?

MC: My
sidearm is a Sig Sauer P239, but have a few rifles and shotguns as
well. I’m a big supporter of the 2nd amendment, for a variety
of reasons. Not only did I grow up shooting firearms (my father was
an excellent marksman and hunter) but ideologically the 2nd amendment
supports the first. Usually disarmament is the first thing corrupt
governments do in an attempt to quell uprisings by citizens, and that
is historical fact. My grandfather was a native American, and one
event that to me speaks to why governments should never be trusted to
disarm citizens is the Wounded Knee massacre.

I’d love to be
in an action film! If that opportunity ever arose I’d jump at
the chance.

New t shirt. #2A #AR #2ndamendment #handsoffmygun

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B: If you do
star in an action movie, will you promise to wear a black leather
catsuit? Asking for a friend.

MC: Duly
noted. 😉

B: How long
do you expect to stay in the adult space, and what do you see
yourself doing afterwards?

MC: I’ll
likely keep performing until people don’t want to see me
anymore! It’s such a fun profession, I imagine that I’ll
always keep a hand in it. I’m hoping to retire someday and own
a horse ranch that does equine therapy for developmentally disabled
children and adults as well a PTSD therapy for veterans. My hope is
to employ veterans through this project as well as give kids who
struggle with autism some time outdoors and with animals. That’s
a ways off, but dreams become realities when we speak them out loud,
so now you know my long term plan!

B: Who are
some of your favorite Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube stars these
days? Who does Mercedes Carrera like to follow?

MC: I often
tell people I have the best followers on Twitter, and it’s
true! I have met so many great people and made so many friends
online, those are my favorite people! I’ve also had the great
pleasure of meeting some brilliant intellects on Twitter, and you’ll
see me retweet their work often.

B: Where can
your fans find you on social media?

MC: Everyone
can find me on Twitter at TheMercedesXXX,
on Instagram at BasedMILF,
and on at TheMercedes.

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