REJOICE: Men Will Soon Get Their Version Of “The Pill” In 2018

Do you hate condoms as much as the rest of the males on this planet? Coming soon (no pun intended) you’ll no longer have to worry about having a condom on hand or even moreso, if the thing breaks during your final moments of pure bliss possibly impregnating the girl you just met at your local Hometown Buffet.

The FDA has approved an injection called Vasalgel when should hopefully be on the market anywhere from 2018-2020. The biggest issue scientists have found when discussing the drug with men is them worrying that women won’t even believe them when they say they’ve had an injection. Good point. Of course the injection itself won’t stop any STD’s so some of you will still have to throw on that rubber.

The worst part is the injection is administered through your ballsack. Not the penis or the testicles, but an area of the scrotum. Dammit, we knew there would be a catch.

It works by blocking sperm and is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the polymer.

The plus side however is a single injection would last “a few years” and include no hormones unlike women’s birth control. God forbid I be able to grow a much thicker mustache (or hell, not one at all). No word how much exactly one would cost, but I’m will to wager that it’s going to cost you a decent penny. Medical trials begin in 2016 which will answer other questions like if the injection reversible or if it’ll give you superpowers.