The Hipsters Wearing Dumb Beard Ornaments Trend Is Actually For A Good Cause

The holidays are upon us and that means you’re bound to see fashion don’ts that you would never see any other time of the year unless someone got drunk before they got dressed. There’s a new trend emerging this holiday season that may look as though crazy hipsters have officially lost their minds but is actually part of a very noble and worth cause: Christmas ornaments for beards.

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The only thing missing from this Christmas display is a star or a light-up angel for the top of his head.

Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford of Grey London created the festive facial decorations while trying to brainstorm ideas for a Christmas card. They did some research and found a charity called Beard Season in Australia that aims to raise awareness and funding for cancer research by encouraging guys to stop shaving and grow extra long beards in honor of a friend who had melanoma on his neck. The two teamed up to create Beard Baubles, a line of tiny Christmas ornaments that fellow beard wearers can hang from their facial hair.

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We like the mistletoe one for its obvious usefulness.

Beard lovers liked the idea so much that the creators of the beard ornaments are completely sold out and are trying to keep up with the demand. Normally, we’d jump at the chance to make fun of something but since it’s for a good cause and it’s the holidays, we’ll hold off for now. Consider it an early Christmas gift. And if you’d like to donate to their charity, head HERE.

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source: Mental Floss