Memphis High School Teacher Caught Running An Illegal Sex Club

A teacher in Tennessee made an example of himself when he taught his students what NOT to do with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Walter McCrimmon, owner of the night club, Walt’s Place in Shelby County was busted for doing a lot of bad things in his place of business — mainly running an illegal strip and sex club.

The Memphis police started their investigation of his business in July. In over four months, undercover police officers visited the club on several occasions and discovered that he was serving untaxed liquor and that he didn’t have a liquor license. More than that, the detectives made over eight prostitution deals.

Some of the deals were provided by the club’s host, Mr. McCrimmon, who set the prices for the prostitutes. According to FOX13 Memphis,

“The 44-year-old was pimping out girls at $50 each. As far as investigators know, none of the girls were students from Raleigh-Egypt High School, the school where McCrimmon teaches.”

Wait a second — did it take the police officers four months to figure out that this was a den of illegal prostitution? Wouldn’t it just take a week or less? Or maybe they just needed to do a THOROUGH investigation. I’m pretty sure that nothing really shady happened, but just marinate on that thought.

McCrimmon was charged with a laundry list of crimes and the club has been closed, obviously. As for his job, McCrimmon has been suspended without pay.

Source: WREG