Find Out How Much Melissa McCarthy Will Be Paid To Play A Ghostbuster

With the desire to have not only have a new Ghostbusters film in the works, but it also being an all-female one making fans a little uneasy, these new updates regarding a certain salary and the film’s budget should either anger you or leave some of you feeling some justification.

The Hollywood Reporter has mentioned that the film which is sure to include a ridiculous amount of effects and hopefully numerous location sets (because I really don’t want an all green screen Ghostbusters movie), the film has been given a $154 million dollar budget. Not a bad start considering that the third Ghostbusters film, but not great considering Avengers 2 had a $250 million dollar budget. Maybe it’s just me but I hold the Ghostbusters right up there with the Avengers in terms of entertainment. And also considering a lot of the Ghostbusters effects are anything but practical, much like The Avengers.

Of course the making of the film isn’t the only thing getting a decent check in its pocket. Melissa McCarthy has been reported to be receiving a $14 million dollar pay day, as well as a “north of $10 million” pay day for director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat).

Personally I’m not all that surprised, but for that much money, there better be a scene where she has full clothed sex with Ray Parker Jr. And Feig better pull his weight and not let the cast improv for 20 minutes as they try to out joke eachother, mentioning ghost dicks and whatever other easy joke there is to say.

No word what the other cast members will be receiving, especially lead Kristen Wiig. But now that McCarthy’s salary is out in the open, one can’t help but wonder if in the case that McCarthy is getting paid more than most, some re-negotiating will come underway. Stay tuned.

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source: The Hollywood Reporter