Melanie Iglesias: The Hometown Hottie


Like with pretty much every popular actress, model, or singer out there, demand is high for pictures or video of Melanie Iglesias naked. But unlike many popular actresses, models, and singers, Iglesias has been pretty shy over the course of her career, only getting naked for the camera sparingly and in a modest and tasteful fashion even then. So even if you can’t see Melanie Iglesias nude in the way you or God might have intended, there’s still plenty of sexy Melanie Iglesias related content out there, and hopefully it will be enough to tide you over in the trying time (for all of us) until nude pictures of her surface and hit the internet.


I get it, first you ask if you can see her naked, then you try to get to know her. Nice strategy, if a little unorthodox, I hope it works out for you in life. Well, to answer your question, she’s a working model and actress from New York City who made her claim to fame by being named the winner Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” contest back in 2010. Here are some pictures from that won her that prestigious title:






































Her “Hometown Hotties” bio has some textual gems in it too, like her favorite basketball team being listed as the Orlando Magic, and this slightly surprising answer to a hypothetical question:

“Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?: Hmmm! Good question. If I’m taken, I’d rather have boring sex all the time so that my partner can be satisfied… even if I’m not enjoying it.”

That did not conclude Melanie Iglesias’ association with Maxim magazine, as just a year later they put her on their list of the most beautiful women in the world, the “Maxim Hot 100.” As you can see, her looks did not degenerate too much in that one year:

The Maxim love continued for Melanie Iglesias (or is that vice-versa?), as she made the cover of a special edition Maxim USA cover that was on newsstands not one, not two, but three months in a row:

Melanie Iglesias

That Maxim shoot also resulted in a video of her supporting the troops in the best possible way (for a model, anyway). Check it out:



At this point, you’re probably wondering if Melanie Iglesias has ever appeared anywhere other than Maxim magazine – a valid question, especially if you’re trying to see her naked (Maxim doesn’t usually feature full nudity, after all). Well, in 2011 she was featured in the first edition of the special annual digital and print magazine World’s Most Beautiful. The gimmick behind World’s Most Beautiful (as if sexy photographs of models like Melanie Iglesias weren’t enough) is that it’s the first magazine to be photographed and designed in 3D. Even in two dimensions, she looks great, though, as these photos from behind the scenes at World’s Most Beautiful demonstrate:


Then there’s this Break gallery that actually does feature Melanie Iglesias in 3D – I’ll give you a minute to fish your old-fashioned 3D glasses out of your closet:


Her World’s Most Beautiful profile mentions what became another big break for Melanie Iglesias – her gig on the World Poker Tour TV series. Here’s a promo video from the World Poker Tour that features Iglesias in front of the camera all by herself:




Her duties on the World Poker Tour included more than just the occasional YouTube promo, as she was one of the Royal Flush Girls and appeared in 265 episodes of the series. Who would have guessed that an exciting spectator sport like poker would resort to having beautiful women around in order to attract viewers? The world is full of surprises.

The World Poker Tour wasn’t all Melanie Iglesias was doing during this time. She also has a highly popular YouTube channel, which helped to earn Melanie Iglesias the TV gig that’s continuing to earn money and fame for her today, as herself on the MTV series Guy Code. Not only has she been on every season of Guy Code, but she got extra work on the spinoff series Girl Code as well as one of the most recent additions to the Guy Code franchise, Guy Court, where she appears as a bailiff. I’m not going to post any videos from any of the Guy Code shows though, because they aren’t that good and Melanie Iglesias isn’t even close to naked in them.

A little better are Melanie Iglesias’ YouTube Flip Books, which have the model doing sexy stuff in a series of still photographs that are run together like a flip book. Not only is it a fun and creative idea for a video series, but it also might be the closest you get any time soon to seeing her naked. If you enjoy theoretical, implied nudity, rather than the explicit or graphic kind, oh boy, are you going to love these damn flip books:





You can see more of “The Melanie Griffith Flip Book Quartet” here.

Melanie can also be seen on in association with a sport with slightly more mainstream appeal than competitive poker, at the MLB Fan Cave here. Before you get your hopes up, though, I should probably remind you that there is very little nudity in baseball.


OK, so you’re bored with Melanie Iglesias’ TV work. I don’t blame you; she’s still quite young and hasn’t done much in the way of quality TV yet. And until she appears on Game of Thrones, it’s unlikely we’re going to see her nude in this capacity. So let’s shift focus back on her modeling work, which is as close to naked as she gets these days:

I think you’ll agree that that above picture of Melanie Iglesias in lingerie is an adequate substitution for the full-scale nude photos that might be coming in the future. Not bad, right? Here are some more topless photos of Melanie Iglesias that due to the vagaries of public standards are perfectly fine to look at even if you’re at work:



Those photos of Melanie Iglesias are so sexy that it might almost make you start to question the value of full frontal nudity in the first place. Almost.

And, apropos of nothing, here’s a really cute/sexy picture of Melanie Iglesias taken from her Instagram account:

Speaking of her Instagram account, you can find it here. She’s a recommended follow on Instagram if you enjoy looking at pictures of models, and I don’t think we’d be here if you didn’t enjoy that.

Melanie Iglesias can also be seen in a recent music video from Dutch electronic music duo the Bingo Players. Even if the sound of house music makes you want to claw your eardrums out, you might want to give the video for their track “Buzzcut,” because, well, let’s just say it intersects with our interests:


[[contentId: 2743476| ]]




They say you should never say never, but Melanie Iglesias has publicly stated via her Twitter account that we should stop holding our collective breath waiting for her to take it all off on camera. In an article about her anti-nudity stance, she is quoted as giving a reasonable answer on why she doesn’t like to do full nudity: “There is no amount of money that can make me bare it all. I have 7 siblings and want a lot of kids. I’d hate having to explain to them.”

I’m going to link to that article now, and the reason I’m warning you in advance is because it also includes an additional piece of information that I’ve avoided mentioning up to now. I think I’m going to continue to avoid it, actually, but suffice it to say that it has to do with the identity of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.


Now that you’re done shuddering, I can see why you would want to know if Melanie Iglesias is related to any other famous Iglesiases out there – after all, you just spent almost four pages looking at her in various states of undress, and trying to find pictures of Melanie Iglesias nude, so it would be kind of creepy if it turned out she was closely related to Enrique Iglesias or his father Julio Iglesias. So I’m happy to report that they are not related at all, but with a disclaimer that this means they might hook up at some point in the future, which would be creepy since they have the same last name. It’s a minefield out there, people.