What Do Mechanics Really Do When You Drop Off Your Car?

There was a study conducted back in 1941 that showed 63% of repair shops would overcharge a customer who brought in a car that was in perfect working condition with literally nothing wrong with it except for a single detached coil wire.  Keep in mind that, in 1940, cars had only really been ubiquitous for two decades at best.

In 1989, another study showed that most shops would overcharge as little as $2, which almost seems pointless, all the way up to $500, for the full on scam experience.  As long as cars have needed work, someone out there has been ripping you off.  Here, look at this video.

or this one;

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or this one;

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Hilariously, most of these stories point out that it’s the minority of mechanics who are scammers and the majority are honest.  They say this, but also cite nothing to back it up.  That study suggests, since the 1940s, the majority have actually been dishonest.  Even the video clips demonstrate that, when you pick 5 mechanics to test, 4 will probably scam you.  So no, the majority of mechanics are not honest.  The majority want to scam you.

Now, you know that mechanics will pretend to do work, they’ll overcharge for the work they actually do perform and they upsell all kinds of crap.  But is that it?  Oh no.  Not really.  It gets weirder.

Randy Jones took his Nissan to a dealership to have work done before heading to work at Taco Bell.  Imagine the strange feeling he must have felt when the two mechanics rolled up at his drive thru, in his car.

The mechanics had basically just taken his car out for a fun spin and some lunch.  The excuse that it was a test drive wasn’t applicable since the taco Bell was a considerable distance away from the dealership, and about twice as far as the dealership says they will take a car on a test drive after repairing it.

Now Nissan made good on the problem, the mechanics were fired and  Jones car was taken to another dealership and his repairs were done free of charge, but we all know why that happened – the mechanics were monumentally stupid and literally drove right to their customer.  Had they gone anywhere else, they would have been fine.  So not only will mechanics change your transmission fluid when you don’t need it, or overbill for labor on your brakes, they will take your car and use it to run errands during the day.

Jones isn’t the first person to find a mechanic using their car for kicks – cops in Minneapolis had to switch repair shops when citizens complained and it was discovered that the mechanics were using the squad cars they were fixing to speed down country roads.

Basically, if you need your car repaired, assume you’re walking into a scam and respond according.  Be as suspicious as possible, it’s the only way you’ll get out alive.  if you find one of the minority of good ones, do the rest of of a favor and give them a good review online so we can all know.