McKayla Maroney Breaks The Internet By Showing Off Her Curves In Skimpy Outfit

McKayla Maroney shot to fame as “The Not Impressed Girl” more than four years ago. The gold medal winning gymnast stole America’s hearts then as a 16-year-old.

Since then, she has spent time in and out of the spotlight. But last night, McKayla did something to break the internet. What did she do? Well, she shared an Instagram video of herself in the skimpiest outfit we’ve ever seen her in.


Within minutes, the video had more than 100,000 views. As of this publication, the video has nearly 800,000 views.

Since the footage was so out of character for the usually modest former gymnast, many of McKayla’s fans thought that she got hacked. But not only did she confirm that she wasn’t hacked, she told people to unfollow her if they disapproved of her viral video.

At that point, she was inundated with haters saying she should be acting like a role model instead of a lingerie model. McKayla decided to use Twitter to clap back once more.

Live your life, McKayla. Many of us will still support you no matter how much skin you want to share.