McDonald’s Will Let Customers Pay with Hugs, Selfies

The Super Bowl’s this week and chances are you’re going to be short on money after the game if you decided to plunk down money to see it in person or make an expensive, naive bet that the New England Patriots won’t try to cheat. If you’re short on cash when the hunger pains start to kick in, McDonald’s will pick up the tab if you show them a little love (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking). 

They call their new campaign “Pay with Lovin’,” which sounds like something that should be legal but it’s actually very innocent and rather nice of the company. The fast food chain announced that starting on Monday, Feb. 2nd, participating restaurants will give their customers free food during certain hours if they show them a little “lovin’” in the form of hugs, high fives and even selfies. McDonald’s released a new ad announcing their new “pay as you hug” payment plan that will also air during Sunday’s Super Bowl. 

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The offer is only good during certain times of the day and when employees ask a customer if they would like to “Pay with Lovin’.” Those who don’t immediately call the police and try to have the cashier arrested for soliciting prostitution will get their meal free of charge. Of course, we’re sure you won’t feel the love when you’re done eating it. Your digestive system will feel more like it’s getting an Indian burn from Satan’s tongue on the inside.