McDonald’s Black Burger In Japan Rival’s Burger King’s, Only Way More Disgusting

McDonald’s in Japan came up with a really interesting concept. Copy Burger King’s all black Kuro burger, only make it way more disgusting.

Check out Burger King’s all-black burger.

Recently, we pointed out that the Burger King franchise in Japan decided to come out with an all black cheeseburger complete with black bun, black cheese and even black sauce. I like to call this the “Don’t Eat It Before A Job Interview Burger”.  Well, McDonald’s in Japan has taken notice of the Kuro burger’s popularity and decided to create their own version. Only theirs is barely black. And looks barely edible.  Surprisingly, no one is calling it The Turd Burger.

“Kiiiiiiill meeeee”

This is a far cry from the burger in their ad at the top of the page.

Even if you compare it to the already unappealing Burger King burger, McDonald’s looks like they didn’t even try. C’mon, Ronald. Maybe they just ran out of food coloring, or mop bucket water.

Granted, McDonald’s is at least trying to capitalize on the trend during the Halloween season more than anything, but it’s the title of the McDonald’s burger that might be the most off-putting part. They’re calling it “The Squid Ink Burger” as if to say the ink is all natural but that’s a bit hard to swallow, as is this burger I can imagine.

Regardless, this is a wonderfully creative time for the fast food industry, isn’t it? And if you’re in Japan, you can try not only one black burger, but two while supplies last. That is if you don’t mind getting ink poisoning.

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source: MoguMoguNews