McDonalds Has A Secret Menu And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It

It’s been long rumored that McDonalds had a secret menu that apparently only few either knew about, knew how to order from or even knew what was on the damn thing. For years, it was the fast food version of Area 51 but now an insider has revealed that the secret menu is indeed real with bizarro items called The “McGangBang” and “Land, Sea and Air Burger”. Folks, you’re about to get the golden ticket to Wonka’s food factory of wonders.

The Land, Sea and Air Burger

When a McDonalds employee from Glasgow was taking part in an AMA discussion on Reddit, someone simply asked if the Secet Menu was real. The ex-employee admitted that it was, but not all of the employees knew the ingredients to some of the secret menu options, but happy to make whatever it was the customer was looking for, as long as they paid for the extra ingredients.

The Secret Menu is in fact so secret that the McDonalds corporation isn’t really aware of the menu or its contents but that’s not stopping employees and customers taking part in the fun. Great, sounds good, but what the hell is on the menu?! Thanks to, you can get a list of what items are available through the Secret Menu, including Grilled Cheese, Mc10:35, McCrepe and more. And yes, they can even make you a root beer float.

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course with a menu this secret, you’re probably going to run into an employee that has no idea what the hell you’re talking about when asking for a “Monster Mac”, so good luck with finding an employee that’s in on the special club. But that only makes actually eating from the Secret Menu that much more special. We know where we’re getting lunch today!