Ronald McDonald Re-launched as Hipster: Is Nothing Sacred!?



Those yellow jeans need to be tighter.

McDonald’s announced today that it is rolling out a brand new image for its beloved mascot, Ronald McDonald. The frightening clown mascot of the world’s largest fast food chain has been slinging cheeseburgers, french-fries and diabetes down the well-greased throats of America’s children for over 50 years now. And that’s not to say that we don’t love him for it, because we do! Ronald is like America’s creepy uncle who makes you feel warm and fuzzy and dirty all at the same time.  And now Ronald is getting a big makeover; he’s becoming a hipster! Just like any 51 year old he’s having a bit of a midlife crisis and thought it was time to ditch the overly clownish appearance for a red blazer, a bow tie, stripped shirt, and a vest. Ronald is going to join Arcade Fire as tambourine player and only listen to “Food, Folks and Fun” on vinyl.

To top it off Ronald is being put in charge of  McDonald’s Twitter account! Nothing says “hip” like a guy in face makeup and clown shoes talking to kids on the internet. Ron will be using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald so you know it’s really him and not an imposter. McDonald’s reports that for the first time the rebooted hamburger clown will be actively engaged with customers across all of the company’s social media. Everyone that is entertained by interacting with a corporate mascot on Twitter will certainly think that the new Ronald McDonald is pretty neat.


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Out with the old, in with the new.

My only concern is that this whole social media experiment could be a huge failure if Hipster Ronald McDonald “accidently” tweets a photo of a Double Quarter Pounder going into a vagina in order to up his street cred.


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It would probably be worse if she put it in her mouth.

The way hipsters take photos of their with Soy McMuffins, Artisanal Sloth Cheese and Tofu Farts, it could be even more of a disaster for the brand if Hipster Ronald McDonald started tweeting selfies and taking Instagram photos of real McDonald’s food.


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Hipster Ronald McDonald has been getting heart disease since before it was cool.


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Ronald McDonald was created in 1963 by Today Show old person happy birthday wisher Willard Scott. Ronald sure has evolved over the years which has influenced thier competitors branding as well.. In fact there were 5 other fast food mascots that updated there look today as well, that you can check out here.

Do you think it will work and the 2014 Ronald is really embracing youth culture?

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