McDonalds Is Finally Going To Start Offering All-Day Breakfast

McDonalds breakfast, that evil temptress. Right when you think “hey, a sausage biscuit sounds pretty good this morning”, you look at the clock and realize you’re five minutes too late and the breakfast menu has been closed. No more delicious breakfast for you! Well today, I’m here to tell you hell has finally frozen over because over 14,000 McDonalds restaurants in the US of A will start offering all day breakfast because it’s 2015 and it’s about f*cking time!

When will this happen?! According to the Wall Street Journal, October 6th is the date you need to circle on your calender with a spoon full of melted butter and hash brown crumbs you can’t seem to ever fully get out of your car seat.

Apparently the top dogs at McDonalds have been trying to ramp up the fast food chain’s “stale image” and this is probably the ace in the deck they really needed. Honestly, where else do you go from here? McDonald’s offering breakfast until 10:30AM on weekdays and 11AM on weekends (if those are still the hours, I gave up a long time ago) was the oldest joke in the book. And with that chapter coming to a close, the only thing they could do next is offer Shamrock Shakes throughout the entire calendar year. Think about it, Ronald. Get back to us on that.

In a weird way, I feel lke the people have finally won. Today is your day, McDonalds Breakfast fans. Today…is your Independence Day.