McDonald’s Invented The Most Brilliant And Functional Takeout Bag

The human race has created some of the most genius things in our lifetime. We have sent someone to the moon, concocted preventative vaccines, found a way to put wine in a box, and most of all, we have created Netflix. That being said, why has it taken so long to create a takeout bag that holds all of our greasy goodies securely?

Well, the wait is over. McDonald’s Hungary and the ad agency DDB Budapest have revolutionized the takeout bag industry with an eco-friendly and recyclable paper bag with a serving tray built right into it – a bag tray! 

With all sarcasm aside, this is probably one of the most logical, everyday inventions I have seen yet. Long gone are the days when you try to grab your fries out of a greasy bag only to have them spill all over the place. This bag is made out of reinforced cardboard and is sturdy enough to hold your entire meal (including drinks!) without collapsing.

I’m not even a big fast food eater, but for some reason, I am really excited for this invention. Like really excited. It made my eyes widen and I said, “OMG! THAT IS BRILLIANT!” Maybe it’s because I am easily amused or am just really bored today, but it is quite clever…and it just makes sense. There is no word on when or if America will get these bags, but I’m sure other eateries to catch on to this idea really soon.

Source:  Gizmodo