Would You Eat From A McDonalds Trough?

McDonalds down under is taking a bold leap forward in the way it feeds drunks late at night that not everyone seems to be happy about.  The new system, which McDonalds calls the ‘Pick Your own” menu, involves customers paying a flat fee of $10, then having a cart of burgers, nuggets and fries wheeled out from which they can take whatever they want.

I’ll be honest, I don’t understand this at all.  Is it one cart for a group of people or just one guy?  What stops one person from taking all the food?  If it’s just one person, why not serve them the normal way?  Doesn’t this idea save about 30 seconds of serving time in exchange for the potential to allow customers to make a massive, ugly mess?  And get into fights over the last burger?

Critics are referring to it system as a trough, because if you can invoke pig and/or barn imagery when talking about fast food you must, according to the laws of media.

The story in the Betoota Advocate seems to indicate that all food in the cart is fair game, meaning if they just fill the damn thing with burgers you can eat them all for $10, but it still doesn’t explain why McDonalds would bother doing this instead of just taking proper orders.  My best guess therefore is that either A) McDonalds likes the idea of causing food riots or B) this story is unreliable as hell and may, in fact, be totally fake.

Given what I know about the fast food industry and lawsuits, we can assume McDonalds does not, in fact, want you to fight on premises.  In fact, if they could keep you out of the store entirely, they probably would.

If the trough idea is fake, perhaps McDonalds would like to diversify with some new food delivery systems.  We have suggestions!

  • Meat Cannon
  • Intravenous pink slime
  • McNugget Suppositories
  • The Breakfast Hose (only available until 11)
  • McStew – an entire McDonalds meal blended into a warm goo

The ball is in your court, McDonalds.  If this trough idea doesn’t work, and frankly we don’t get it, try one of these other ones.