This McDonald’s Customer Found A Horrifying Treat In His Coffee Cup

Yep, that’s a dead mouse at the bottom of a McDonald’s coffee cup.

Ron Morais in Fredericton, Canada ordered a coffee from his local McDonald’s to go, but unfortunately received an extra surprise that could lead to any number of diseases. And yes, he drank the entire cup before making the discovery, which somehow makes it all that much worse.

“I always take the lid off to get my last sip of coffee. And when I took the lid off, there was a little bit of a surprise in my coffee cup,” Ron told a local Canadian reporter. I’d hate to imagine the thing rolling toward his mouth in order for him to finally realize. Let’s hope not.

The McDonald’s branch had been notified of Ron’s added bonus and issued this statement: “We are continuing to investigate this isolated incident and have reached out to the customer to obtain the product sample.” Probably safe to say, ole Ron here is about to become a millionaire? He does afterall have witnesses. Ron had brought the coffee back to work with him when he made the discovery, which then caught the attention of his co-workers. One eye witness said “Unless I had been there and seen Ron drink all that coffee down to the last drop, I would have been, like, ‘You’re lying’.”

The statement made by McDonald’s went on further to say, “Food safety and quality are a top priority for McDonald’s Canada and all of our restaurants are held to high industry standards.” Well, okay, but the man found a dead mouse in his coffee. Soooo….

Let’s hope Ron likes boats because he can probably afford a few hundred of them soon enough.

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source: Metro