McDonald’s Created Special Take-Out Boxes For Cyclists

McDonald’s has a lot of rebranding to do if they want to remain the world’s top exporter of cheap food and diabetes. Their sales have been slipping for quite awhile and they’ve even started closing a bunch of their locations to keep from going to super rich from super-duper, insane rich. One way they are trying to bring in new customers is by reaching people who wouldn’t normally eat at one of their restaurants: healthy people. 

Now if Pizza Hut came out with a container for people who ride mobility scooters and want the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza, we’d be talkin’.

Bicycle riders have been one of the toughest groups for McDonald’s to gain as customers because it’s impossible to eat a Big Mac and pedal at the same time and if you can ride a bicycle without getting winded, the last place you’re going to go is McDonald’s. That’s why they’ve hired an Argentinian company to design a new ad campaign and carrying case that lets cyclists order and carrying their orders while they are still on their bikes. The carrying folds together and comes with a hook so bikers can just hang their order from their handlebars. There’s even room for that annoying, oversized drink that even drivers somehow manage to spill in their cars even though they have a device in there specifically designed to “hold cups.” 

Now you don’t have to hold your fast food bag, so you can concentrate on riding 15 MPH in front of fast moving vehicles.

Right now, the McBike is only available in Denmark with plans to expand it to restaurants in Colombia, Amsterdam and Tokyo and other countries with residents who ride bikes regularly. So we’re probably not going to get it in Americ and that’s actually a good thing. You know that people in America would just hang it from their rear view mirror on their windshields so they could eat French fries while they drive without having to use their hands. 


Source: Gizmodo