McDonald’s Is Selling A Bottle Of Big Mac Special Sauce For A Ridiculous Price

If you’re a fan of the McDonald’s signature Big Mac sandwich and you’ve dreamed of just chugging a bottle of their “special sauce”, please seek the help of some kind of mental health professional or gastroenterologist immediately. You have a disorder that the scientific community has yet to label with a word. You’re also the reason that McDonald’s decided to start selling limited edition bottles of their Big Mac special sauce starting with the very first bottle at an astronomical price.

The fast food giant’s Australian operation put their first bottle of Big Mac Sauce on sale on eBay with an opening price of $18,000 in Australian dollars. If you think that’s insane, wrap your mind around this: the bidding has gone up to $23,000. Then again, we’re sure that packaging and shipping bottles of liquid diabetes would be an expensive endeavor.

Admit it, you’re thinking about sex right now, aren’t you?

This is just the very first bottle of the special sauce and McDonald’s across the country plan on selling the bottled sauce for 50 cents each later this month. So far, the company hasn’t said if they plan on selling bottled Big Mac sauce in other countries like, oh let’s just pick one at random, America. I just heard most of you throw your computers out the window. I’m sorry.

Bottled Big Mac sauce was clearly made for Americans. And considering how cheap most of us are, imagine getting to pay for one with a selfie or a hug, which is an actual thing you can do. Of course, we’re assuming that the people who would want a bottle of Big Mac sauce would be able to get their arms all the way around another person without their body fat getting in the way.

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source: Business Insider