McDonalds Decided To Test Their All Day Breakfast Menu On 4/20

The Breakfast Menu at McDonalds is more of a love/hate relationship for most people. If you remember to catch it during its operational hours, it can make for a pretty excellent morning. If you don’t remember, and you realize you’re a half hour late to biting into a Sausage McMuffin, then you just curse the day it was invented. Especially it’s operating hours which end at 10:30AM (11AM on the weekends).

Well, McDonalds is starting to change its tune and today in San Diego, they are testing the all day breakfast menu…all day. Of course today is not just any day to crave a McDonalds hashbrown at 4PM. With the date being 4/20, stoners everywhere are celebrating the one holiday they have and what better feast to celebrate than with McDonald’s breakfast. That is if you can even handle operating car to get there.

There are over 100 McDonalds locations in the San Diego area who are participating in the event, with no word when the joyous occasion will end or if it’ll continue until San Diego breaks off and falls into the ocean due to the city’s sudden weight gain, but I certainly hope other locations decide to catch on. Not that McDonalds doesn’t have enough of our money anyway.

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source: Nasdaq