Mcdonalds Introduces Chocolate Covered Fries, As If The World Wasn’t Fat Enough

The McDonalds arch might be the closest symbol to identify our country next to the American flag itself. However, it also might be the unhealthiest fast food joint you could ever get your food from and they clearly aren’t changing that anytime soon. Case and point, they just introduced the McChoco Potato which is essentiallly just a basket of their salty (yet delicious) fries drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Unfortunately right now this looks to be just a delicacy for the UK branch of McDonalds which is REALLY unfortunate. Listen, if we’re forced to endure McDonalds for lunch because we have no time to find a proper, more nutritional meal during our work days, the least the US chains could offer is some damn chocolate covered fries!

But this isn’t the only strange item foreign McDonalds stores have offered customers with bizarre appetites.

5. The Empenadas Con Queso

Only available in Chile, you can eat like a real local while feeling like a true American at the same time. Would we try these? Absolutely.

4. The McArabia

Where do you have to go to find this delight? The damn Middle East. Doesn’t look so good now, does it.

3. The Veg Pizza McPuff

They’d have better sales if they’d just call this one a McHot-Pocket.

2. The Gratin Croquette Burger

Is it chicken? Is it fish? It’s apparently a fried crust volcano filled with mac and cheese AND shrimp. My brain says it sucks it’s only available in Japan but my stomach would beg to differ.

1. The McLobster

Sure, a lobster roll is delicious but something tells me I wouldn’t want McDonalds employees handling any meal that combines lobster and mayonnaise. That could be a deadly combination if left in the wrong hands of some random 18-year-old Eastern Canadian who hates their job. Why Eastern Canadian? Cause that’s the only place this sucker is offered.

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