Canadian Mayor Tries Social Experiment, Doesn’t Change Suit For 15 Months

You know how sometimes you can get away with wearing the same pair of jeans a few times before washing them?  And usually no one is going to call you out on having the same pair of jeans on two days in a row.  The mayor of Coquitlam, British Colombia in Canada noticed this, too.  He also noticed that people spend a lot of time focused on the clothes female politicians wear – they write whole articles about them and will in general mention it just in passing.  The same thing happens with female celebrities, the whole red carpet crap before awards, right?  So Mayor Richard Stewart tried a social experiment.

For 15 months, Stewart wore the same crappy, off the rack suit every single day. No one asked him about it, no one commented on it, no one even noticed.  Not local media, not coworkers, not even his own family.

Coquitlam isn’t a huge city or anything, the population is about 115,000.  And maybe Canadians are too polite to mention a guy who can’t seem to change his clothes. But Stewart was hoping to prove a point regarding double standards for women.  He said, as a father with daughters, he sees barriers put in the way of their careers that aren’t there for men, things as simple and stupid as the clothes you wear.

Stewart said he’s heard from female colleagues that they often get messages from constituents regarding the clothes they wear, how something is inappropriate or ugly, or they wear it too much, etc.  Having never experienced anything like that ever as a man, he tried out his experiment. 

Should have tried this suit

Many Break editors have opted into this kind of experiment as well, wearing the same underwear for months at a time, but it does make you wonder  – how long do you think you could get away with something like this?  How little do people care about what you look like as a man versus as a woman?  Is it just because he was the mayor and was expected to wear a suit every day that no one noticed it was the same suit, or do people not care?