Maxim And Miley Cyrus Are Trolling You Guys

The annual Maxim Hot 100 will be announced soon, but the cat is out of the bag about who number one is: Miley Cyrus. She announced it via Twitter last weekend. This announcement also revealed that Maxim Magazine must be trolling for views.

Miley Cyrus is not the hottest woman in the world. We covered this in Break’s 2013 FAP Draft. You know what number she is on our list? That’s a trick question because she isn’t on our list.

It’s not that she is unattractive. But if you’re going to market your magazine with the claim that this is the definitive list of attractive women, then you need to at least make some sense. She somehow went from Miley on the left to Miley on the right and went UP in their numbers?

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Don’t get me wrong, she has some great qualities. I don’t necessarily care for her music (though “Party In The USA” is an annoying, infectious tune that I love to listen to and hate myself while doing it.) Her acting leaves something to be desired (maybe because I’m not a teenage girl I can’t connect with her?) She is adorable at times and is definitely not ugly. But the hottest woman in the world?


That makes no sense. But it works because look what we’re doing: talking about Maxim magazine. In an age where Maxim’s profit margins fall as print media struggles to survive, they had to do something trollish to get people talking. If they had named Kate Upton number one, no one would care.

People only respond to troll behavior because we, as humans, can’t resist a good argument. Trolls know that. That’s why they poke and prod and say illogical things. It gets you to respond, to visit a website, to engage, to raise page views and ad sales.

If anything, I think it’s obvious Maxim got it wrong. Very wrong. And based upon some reflection, maybe Break got it wrong, too. Because going by your comments, a certain woman in our FAP draft deserved number one more than anyone…

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What do you think? Does she deserve this accolade?

– Mark (twitter)