German Man With Lopsided Arms Becomes Champion Arm Wrestler!

Pictured here, German man Matthias Schlitte recently became a champion arm wrestler. Champion arm wrestler? Hey man, you don’t have to brag about your large - ooooh, he’s actually an arm wrestler and that lopsided appendage is not from wrestling his “little schnitzel.”

Rather, Schlitte has a rare bone disorder that caused his right forearm to grow twice the size of his left arm. And like a true champ he decided to use the situation for conquest and glory! Or he was really just a big fan of the character with a lop sided arm in Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror.

Freddy Rodriguez really needs to work both arms.

Schlitte started arm wrestling at 16 in bars in Germany  where potential opponents would often snicker when they saw I can just imagine this guy going into a bar to troll macho guys with his wrestling arm behind his back. He’d shout “I’ll arm wrestle any guy in here!” with a large, burly Bavarian taking the slender man up on the challenge, only to be shocked as he reveals his “Popeye” arm.

I dare you to try and get this song out of your head.

Since getting into the sport  Shlittle has won 8 German Arm Wrestling championships and 14 International Titles. He’s like the Manny Pacquiao of arm wrestling if Pac-Man looked like his arm got stung by a bee.

Would you arm wrestle Matthias Shlittle? I would be affraid THIS would happen:

Or this.

This one might be OK.

Nope, no it wasn't.

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