Domino’s Pizza Staff Delivers Baby Boy At No Extra Charge!

For one expectant couple in England, Domino’s Pizza delivered more than just a fresh, piping hot pepperoni pie with extra cheese. They delivered a fresh, new human being – with extra cheese.

You’d be surprised what you can get on your pizza these days.

If making babies were like ordering pizzas online at Domino’s, the couple could have just watched the baby’s progress on the Domino’s Pizza Tracker, and known exactly when the little bugger was ready to come out of the oven. “Your baby is out for delivery!”

However, dad to be Matthew Maltby-Russell, was attempting to make a delivery in 30 minutes or less to the local hospital, rushing his partner Gemma Grainger, who was about to pop out a little breadstick. Unfortunately she couldn’t hold back this meatball and began to push it out. They were forced to pull over in the nearest parking lot, pulling in front of the local Tamworth, Staffordshire Domino’s franchise.

Employees quickly stopped making what Domino’s refers to as “pizza” when they saw what was happening and rushed out with towels and warm water. They called for an ambulance as the couple was receiving the helping hands of hands that smelled like sausage and uncooked dough. They even calmed down the couple’s screaming six-year-old George who must have been super disappointed they were not at Domino’s just get pizza.

Thankfully The Noid was out sick that day or things could have gone sideways.

Before the ambulance could arrive the baby was born. Luckily they delivered a healthy, baby boy named Noel. Otherwise I can just imagine the father “A girl?! Great they screwed up my order again!”

After hearing this story constantly, this guy is going to hate pizza the rest of his life.

The mother says of her pizza delivery ordeal, “They lay me down and made sure I was sat up, and some of them looked after George and calmed him down. Noel was meant to be a caesarean, but I knew he was coming. Within 20 minutes he was out, I pretty much delivered him myself. The ambulance arrived at 8.25pm and the paramedics treated me for shock. I was just shaking – I couldn’t believe it.”

Hopefully no body mixed up any placenta for pizza topping. Although this could be a whole new offering at Domino’s.

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