Google Is Bringing Back The View-Master

Who can forget the classic View-Master? Long before the days of the Internet and virtual reality technology, this simple piece of molded plastic could take you to places you never thought you would see like the Eiffel Tower, ancient Aztec ruins and the set of “The Never-Ending Story.” Sadly, this classic toy has fallen by the wayside now that we have smartphones and Internet connections that can access any image our mind can conjure but Google wants to bring it back in a big way. 

Mattel announced that they are teaming up with the tech giant to release a brand new View-Master with a high-tech, virtual twist called the View-Master Sizzle. This new version has not only been given a sleek, futuristic look but it also replaces the photo discs with your smartphone. They haven’t, however, completely gotten rid of the iconic, round reels that provided the images for your first View-Master. Instead, they serve as a base for an augmented reality viewer that will allow you to zoom into virtual worlds and enjoy panoramic views that feel like you’re walking around in whatever you’re viewing. Mattel released a new video demonstrating what they hope to achieve with their new View-Master on their YouTube page. 

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The reels aren’t required for the viewing experience. Users can simply download content from the app instead but it’s definitely a must if you’re a fan of nostalgic toys. We hope that this means more iconic toys from our youth are being brought back for the younger generations. Just imagine what Google could do with that old cup and ball on a string toy.