Student Answers Dumb Math Question Correctly, Only To Be Told They’re Wrong

I was never great at math in school and this math problem a teacher posed to their student is a great reminder why I always hated it.

With the question asking how one is able to make 10 from 8+5, the student wrote what looks to be the correct answer, writing “You cannot make 10 with 8+5.” Right, because 8+5 is 13. Wrong. According to the teacher at least.

The response would even make Stephen Hawking scratch his head.

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The teacher responded with the correction “Yes you can. Take 2 from 5 and add it to 8 (8+2=10). Then add 3.” Huh?  It makes you wonder what kind of booze the teacher had been drinking while grading these papers. Who teaches this class, Willy Wonka?

Personally, I feel sorry for the student not realizing they got such an obvious problem “wrong” with such a dumb question and so are some parents who saw the math problem after the parent of the student posted it online.

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Apparently this new way of figuring out common sense math equations is all a part of Common Core, a new math program which asks students to use critical thinking instead of memorization. But in this case, when you word a question like this, it seems more confusing. Also, how does this help a student when learning addition?

We’re not sure which grade this student is in, but from the looks of their handwriting and spelling, they’re pretty young. Too young to be told 8+5 CAN make 10, I would think.

Personally, I don’t like to make life any harder than necessary because that’s dumb. And if someone’s going to ask me how to make 10 out of 8 and 5, I’d say you can’t either and move along.

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source: Elite Daily