Metal With Twerking Is The Perfect Video If You Love All Things Awesome

If you’re sick of Nicki Minaj, the metal band Mastodon has found the perfect union between the ever-growing twerking trend and sweet, sweet metal. The video for The Motherload, a single from their album Once More ‘Round The Sun, is amazing…and kind of odd. But still very much amazing.

The song’s pretty rad too.

Girls in rock videos have been a staple since the 80’s, but this is a combination of what looks like a Tool video complimented by chicks who literally look like they wandered onto the wrong sound stage. If this was the band’s way to get noticed by the mainstream, they did a brilliant job. Beavis and Butthead’s commentary on this video would be nothing less than stellar, as my co-worker Phil Haney pointed out. Shame MTV doesn’t play anything worthwhile anymore.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch this video for a 10th time. Y’know, for work.

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source: Uproxx