Only 354 Injured? It was a Good Night!

The Philippines had their best ever New Year’s Rockin’ Eve when only 354 people had to be hospitalized as a result of drunken gunfire and mishandled fireworks.  Now, even if you’re from New York, that number might seem high for injuries for a single celebration and barely cause for any kind of pat on the back, but it turns out the Philippines has a bad habit of really decimating its population during large scale celebrations.  Apparently no one ever had to watch a safety video in school there.

This year’s bash has left 14 people in need of amputations, if that gives you some idea of the severity of injuries, and only three hit by stray bullets.  351 other people were also injured by fireworks.  Does gravity work differently in the Philippines?  We don’t know.

Compared to last year, the government is happy on account of the fact 793 people were injured and two died ringing in 2014.  In fact, 2015 has the lowest rate of injury in 5 years in the Philippines, if you can wrap your head around that.  Basically this means you should never celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Philippines, unless you’re something of a sadist.

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The Philippines Health Secretary likes to think their campaign against indiscriminate fireworks use is responsible for the decrease in injuries, although it may be possible that the massive and deadly tropical storm that was still in the Philippines on Thursday night, Tropical Storm Jiangmi, which brought torrential rains and caused 54 deaths due to flooding and landslides and caused 80,0000 people to be evacuated may have had something to do with keeping people indoors as well.  But probably it was mostly the safety campaign.

Shanghai, China’s NYE celebration turned tragic this year as well in an area that sees typically up to 300,000 people turn out to celebrate.  Due to the massive crowd size, and apparently someone throwing fake money from a nearby building, an overwhelming stampede of humanity barreled down on some unsuspecting partiers and trampled 36 people to death, leaving at least 47 others injured.

New Zealanders went to bat for the holiday as well by causing a riot that ended up with 83 people injured and 60 arrested after drunken kiwis decided to start lighting cars on fire and flipping them over, then fighting cops.  If you’re going to riot, that’s probably the way to do it. 

At least 100 people have been injured by fireworks in Italy from New Years but officials would like you to remember this is just a preliminary number because it’s been way higher in past years, usually over 300, so keep an eye on those Italian papers for people coming in with ,missing fingers and scorched smirks.

All in all it sounds like the world rang in the new year in style, but somehow avoided setting Ryan Seacrest on fire.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  Happy 2015 everyone!