Massachusetts Man Selling And Shipping Snow To Warm Areas

Kyle Waring of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts may have figured out a way to help alleviate his state’s brutal winter weather and make some money at the same time.

That’s because Waring created – a service where he will mail you fresh Massachusetts snow straight from his yard for $19.99 a 16.9 ounce bottle or $89 for 6 pounds of the “white gold” as no one calls it. It’s the perfect gift for people who went to Florida for the winter and need a reminder why.

Ship Snow, Yo? Is Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad now selling the white stuff instead of the blue?

Waring says he thought of the snow selling scheme while shoveling his driveway one day. Starting with the bottle, he discovered that it melted by the time it got to people, so he bumped it up to the 6 pound option and now even offers a 10 pound snow package for $119. For $119 “Massachusetts Snow” better be a euphemism for cocaine.

Ship Snow Yo was big, big news on The Weather Channel:

If you are thinking of ordering some snow from Ship Snow, Yo you should be warned about; the snow is shipped in just a Styrofoam container; no dry ice or fancy packaging, so some of it will melt by the time it gets to you.  This is the snow shipping equivalent of the Subway Footlong scandal where it was discovered that Subway’s foot long subs were not actually a full 12 inches. #Thatswhatshesaid.

No word on exactly how many people have bought a batch of snow from Ship Snow Yo, but if you think the whole thing is crazy, consider that there actually exists a professional water sommelier who can recommend to you $10- $20 bottles of water from a “water menu.” 

These are bottles of WATER.

Maybe Ship Snow Yo can start melting down the snow, bottling it as “Massachusetts’ Finest Blizzard Water, Special Reserve 2015.”

Would you buy a box of snow?   

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Source: Fox4