Police Are Helping Drug Dealers By Asking Them To Rat Out Their Competition

Sometimes you have to do the obvious when trying to clean up your city, which might mean blatantly asking any possible drug dealers to fill out a form so the police can actually help them rid their competition. You just know there’s at least one drug dealer willing to fall for this one.

Posted to their facebook page, a Massachusetts police force in Charlton made a form that drug dealers are allowed to fill out and send back in. The form asks for their competitor’s name, address, home phone and cell phone with a forwarding address to the police station. Brilliant!

Of course the form is more of a silly joke than something super useful, but that’s not to say a drug dealer seeing the post wouldn’t think that it actually might help rid any competition wedging in on their action. I mean, if you’re trying to make rent and Ray Ray two blocks over is stealing all of your customers, wouldn’t you call him out to the police too? Of course you would!

When facebook commentors started taking the form 100% seriously, saying the police aren’t allowed to just raid any address given on the above form, the police were ready with a pretty excellent comeback.

It’s nice to see police trying to do their job with a sense of humor attached.